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H-Net Project

Visualizing the academic job market


This project represents the cumulative efforts of undergraduates enrolled in the Digital Humanities minor at Michigan State University and reflects the extent of their efforts to clean a patchy data set, review relevant online resources, generate data visualizations using an unfamiliar digital tool, collaborate across disciplines, and assemble a website to display accumulated findings. The students were given a list of job postings taken from H-Net, an all-purposes resource for scholars in the humanities and social sciences, for the years 2011-2019 and asked to discover potential research questions that could be answered using the data. Over the course of a semester, the students convened bi-weekly to construct and enhance their project while also utilizing their course instructor and various campus resources to complete their task. In particular we would like to thank:

Visual Gallery


The following images were created in Tableau, an analytics platform for visualizing data. The data was taken from the H-Net Job Guide database for the years 2011 to 2018. The independent variable given was the number of job postings. After exploring and formatting the data set, we chose to focus on the most reliable data which includes postdate, institution name, country/state, and area of study ("Primary Category"). Expanding on our data set, we created two additional categories: academic consortium and regional accreditation. 

Main Findings

Data Set


The H-Net Data source, which we originally recieved as an Excel spreadsheet, was found to have several inconsistencies that, if left unchecked, would lead to misleading represenations. While the data was not perfectly corrected, we found the last iteration to be filled with the least amount of uncertainties and deviations. 

About Us

The Team

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Market Research

Advertising and Art Direction

Kent Kubani


Website Architecture

Project Synthesis

Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Adam Austad


Visual Statistics

Website Architecture

Packaging Science

Digital Humanities

Colleen Kosanke


Website Architecture

Visual Statistics

Media & Information

Eric Hussey


Website Architecture

Visual Statistics

Arts and Humanities

Digital Humanities

Marlee Guilford


Content Research

Visual Statistics 

Arts and Humanities

Global Studies

Carly Nesbitt

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Data Maintenance

Arts and Humanities 

Andrew Duris 


Academic Adviser

H-Net  Associate Director 

Digital Humanities Faculty

Jesse Draper

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